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As much as most of us love food, we could all agree we hate the bulges!

Those love handles and fatty tummy area can be a source of insecurity, so we strive to reduce and flatten our tummies in any way possible.

This trinity of incredible fat-fighting and skin toning products aims to support a healthy diet and workout regimen by helping to trim and slim the belly area from the inside out and outside in!

This incredible package contains:

  • 1 bag Ultimate Body Applicator™ (4 Applications)
  • 1 box It Works! Cleanse™ (4 Bottles)
  • 1 bottle Advanced Formula Fat Fighter™ (60 Tablets)

The Ultimate Body Applicator, It Works! Cleanse and Advanced Formula Fat Fighter work in synergy for that slimmer and toned results.

It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator is an effective toning and sculpting herb-infused wrap to help you reduce belly fat and firm it up. It lifts up the fat and saggy belly and with continued use, make the stomach look flatter and leaner. Use the Applicator every 72 hours for best results.

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Now, to get working on the system inside, we need to get rid of the toxins in order to enhance our metabolic functions. It Works! Cleanse is a once-a-month herbal cleansing ritual that helps get rid of toxins and enhance the delivery of essential nutrients.

The Target Trio is the best solution to have your cake and eat it too without the fear of bulges and unsightly extra pounds on the belly!

And the Advanced Formula Fat Fighter is a daily dietary supplement which effectively reduces the carb and fats absorbed by the body, all the while suppressing your cravings that can throw your diet off the whack!

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