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The It Works! Essential Diffuser

After working so hard, we all deserve a “me” time where we can pamper ourselves and re-energize.

And you know what? You don’t have to spend a lot of money just to have that “me” time in a spa.

You can do it right at your home, after work or whenever you feel like you need to relax with It Works! Essential Diffuser.

Just crashing on your bed right after work may not be enough to restore your energy. Why not give your mind the rebooting it needs before you take your nap? We assure you, you’ll have the best sleep and rest when you do some relaxation techniques using our products.

Turn on the Essential Diffuser and pour a couple of drops of your favorite It Works! Essential Oils into the diffuser.

Sit down on a comfy sofa and soak your feet in a warm bubble foot spa. Just relax and breathe in the goodness of our pure essential oils. And you can play your mediation music if you like so you can have that Zen just right in your own home. How good is that?

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Buy For $45.00 From The Be Skinny By Tommorow, It Works! Online Store

Just plug in the Essential Diffuser to experience the aromatherapy of It Works! Essential Oils.

  • Ultrasonic technology disperses water and essential oil without heating, maintaining the oil’s natural properties
  • Ultra-fine mist reaches area of 200 square feet
  • USB power source plugs into PC and mobile power stations
  • 50 ml size is portable and convenient
  • Up to 2.5 hours of essential oil diffusion time
  • Whisper quite 3MHz frequency

It’s an aroma diffuser, atomizer, and humidifier all in one, dispersing water and essential oils into the air as a cool, ultra-fine mist.

Powered by ultrasonic technology, the Essential Diffuser uses high frequency electrical vibrations to diffuse water and essential oils without heating, ensuring the oils retain all of their natural properties for you to breathe in!

The USB power source makes it easy for you to take the Essential Diffuser anywhere, from home to office. It’s compact and whisper quiet with up to 2.5 hours of essential oil diffusion time.

Helping you boost your health is our passion and here, we provide a holistic way of doing that. Giving yourself that relaxation “me” time before you head to bed will help improve your sleep, give you that mind reset you need after all the stress at work, and help you efficiently restore that energy.

It Works! Online Store
Buy For $45.00 From The Be Skinny By Tommorow, It Works! Online Store