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Do you ever have trouble remembering to take your It Works! daily supplements?

I know I do. If you are like me, we can definitely use a little help from this very convenient It Works! Blender Bottle. This 22 oz. bottle has a leak-proof lid that makes it safe to carry around whether at the gym or at an office meeting.

It has cool features like:

  • Blender Ball wire whisk to make mixing so much easier
  • Removable organizer for pills
  • One 3 oz. and one 5 oz. jars that are both detachable

How awesome is that? This Blender Bottle is a blender, water bottle, and container all at the same time!

Not only does it save space in your bag, it is also very handy so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

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Buy For $17.00 From The Be Skinny By Tommorow, It Works! Online Store

The best bit about it is that since it comes with a pill organizer and 2 detachable jars, you can easily remember to take your supplements at the right time of the day. Gone are the days when we have to carry separate containers for pills only to forget about it since it is hidden underneath a pile of everyday stuff. This It Works! Blender Bottle comes in a refreshing green color that is highly visible and easy to carry. Place it in an area where you can easily see it and be reminded of taking your supplements for the day.

Another really cool thing about this product is that it is made of BPA –free plastics, so it is safe for use and reuse.

This high-quality plastic is also easy to wash. It is hassle-free to clean whether by hand with warm water and soap or by dishwasher.  

Sometimes, we need a good product to accompany us on our way to healthier living. This product is pretty good in doing that. It is a pill and water container all at the same time. How handy is that?

It Works! Online Store
Buy For $17.00 From The Be Skinny By Tommorow, It Works! Online Store