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“What can I eat when using the It Works Body Wraps?”

That’s easily one of the more popular questions I get asked at least once a day from people. You don’t need to be on a strict 1000 calorie diet for it works body wraps to work, but you do need to watch what you eat if you have any desire to keep your results from going backwards. Any time someone sees my personal result photos, they always think that it was just the wraps that made me go from 176lbs to now almost 150. It wasn’t. Yea they worked faster than anything I’ve ever seen in my life, and it blew my mind LOL… but it’s because of my food choices as well. I didn’t starve myself, or follow any special diet. I just was smart about what I put into my body. So since I’m asked this so much, here is exactly what I eat was eating on an almost daily basis. Obviously I alter things up when I feel like it – like I said, I don’t starve myself, and I literally eat pretty much anything I want… in moderation. If I want a piece of cheesecake, or I’m going out to eat and know I’m going to want something big — prior to that throughout the day I’m making sure I’m eating healthy. It’s not hard. That’s the key to anything. The below food “example” WILL keep the weight off and actually make you lose even more, and fast. Again, this is just an example on my food preferences. If you hate mushrooms, switch it to zucchini, or a veggie you do like, etc. See my it works body wraps before and after photos.


1 cup of strawberries cut in half then in quarters
1 sliced banana
1/4 cup of nonfat milk OR water
4-5 ice cubes, depending on preference


my latest smoothie incorporating the It Works Greens (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING THEM! The Berry flavor is my favorite!)
trop50 orange juice (with the Orange Greens, otherwise nonfat milk with the Berry Greens)
a handful of strawberries
1 banana (whole or half, depending on how much room you have in the cup)
2 scoops of the It Works Greens
ice (to your liking)

SNACK (pick only ONE from the below)
1 string cheese stick
15 almonds
1 cup of blueberries
1 cup of red grapes

LUNCH(pick only ONE from the 3 below)

1. either one Dole Caesar kit bag or regular lettuce and dressing (2 tablespoons of anything that says under 100 calories for 2 tablespoons).
handful of shredded chicken – you can get one of those precooked little chickens that are roasted in the fresh cooked section of your local supermarket. cut it up and peel off every piece and shred by hand. keep it all in a tupperware and use it the rest of the week for each salad.

2. a can of tomato soup, or 1 can of healthy choice country vegetable and a bowl of salad

3. grilled turkey burger, NO bun
sauteed onions and mushrooms piled on top
small side salad

SNACK (pick only ONE from the below)
1 string cheese stick
15 almonds
1 cup of blueberries

grilled fish or grilled chicken
sauteed spinach, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, OR all of them.
couscous or quinoa if you’re craving carbs
small side salad


Edy’s fruit bars – i love the pineapple (1 bar)
weight watchers raspberry chocolate ice cream pops (1 pop)
weight watchers double chocolate ice cream bars (1 pop)

no coffee.
no soda.
no tea.