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Dan and I have come up with a bunch of ideas, tips and tricks, that we’ve seen bring incredible results with our sales!

  • Be PROACTIVE! This might sound obvious, but the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. That’s exactly what this business is. You have the potential to be INCREDIBLY successful with this company, and you very well can be if you “do the work”.
  • BE VOCAL! Tell everyone you know about the It Works! products. Start off just by pushing the body wraps because they are the top seller as well as your instant result product.
  • BE A PRODUCT OF THE PRODUCT – If you haven’t already tried the wraps on yourself, invest in a box and watch the magic happen. It is super important to be able to talk about a product that you can be visual proof of on how it works. Plus, the more passionate you are, the better you will be in selling. It’s like talking to your best friend when you are able to describe something you love so much. So get a wrap on, see your own results, and tell people about it!
  • INSTAGRAM – This has been such a useful tool for getting us sales because you are promoting to the WORLD!! You don’t even need to WORRY about bothering your friends and family. Create an account with your new chosen business name, and start posting those results photos. You can find an entire zip file in the downloads section with images you are free to use, and also just through google image searches. Make sure to use appropriate hashtags in the caption with your post. Instagram allows you to use 30. If you can’t think of any, here are some ideas: #itworks #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #bodywraps #allnatural #skinny #thin #fat #igers #instahub #instadaily #body #beachbody #igdaily #inspiration #detox #weightloss #beforeandafter #results #fitspo #motivation #postpregnancy #fitness #stretchmarks #cellulite #healthy #slim #tone #diet #itworksbodywraps — And always remember to include your distributor store link that you received upon signing up so people know where to go to buy!! (ie: with username being the name you chose after purchasing your distributor starter kit), OR, if you have one, your website link.
  • BLITZING – This is the It Works! way of “mass promotion”. I actually make personal ones for everyone on our team, and they are WAY better than the ones you get in your business kit. As you have seen on the welcome video, they have my results on them – which I think is important to actually show what the product does right on there. These cards get so much attention when we go blitzing – I HIGHLY recommend them. GET BLITZ CARDS…. and then HIT THE STREETS and follow our blitzing tricks below!



You are literally a walking business anywhere you go.
ALWAYS make sure to have your cards or flyers on hand and use the list below as a guide on where to blitz!


Walmart/Target/Kmart/Shopping Malls/etc

Like a little ninja 😉 slip your card in between products or on shelves that are in specific areas. You want to target the people looking to lose weight or get healthy, such as…

  • The diet pills/protein bars/supplements area
  • The baby products aisle (you want to target those mommies trying to lose the baby weight)
  • The fitness area by the weights and workout dvds
  • Beauty area (shampoo, tampons, hair dye, cosmetics, etc)
  • Inside the gift bags in the greeting card area
  • Inside the books and magazines (aim for the fitness type mags as well as the bridal and healthy cooking ones)
  • IMPORTANT ONE – inside of jean pockets!! Be sneaky with this one and go for the larger sizes 😉
  • Inside dressing rooms whenever you are trying anything on, don’t you leave that room without leaving a card behind.
  • FOOD AREAS – frozen food aisles by the healthy stuff, behind fruit, the water aisle, etc
  • Mall food court seats or tables
  • BATHROOMS! Any public bathroom you use, leave a card or two anywhere you can.
  • Inside your shopping cart when you return it

Other Ideas and Places


  • ATM’s
  • Redbox Video Rental machines
  • Gas stations
  • Be creative – if you see someone wearing green that day, give them a card for fun.
  • Baby changing tables in restrooms
  • Give one to the person at the drive thru
  • When paying your bill at a restaurant, leave it with the tip
  • Book stores
  • Tanning and Hair Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • If you live by an amusement park – GO BLITZING LIKE CRAZY
  • Starbucks tables/chairs