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1. Be A Product Of The Product

My personal result photos have been used by the majority of DT’s in this company. When you are a product of the product, you have a complete upper hand on a distributor who ISN’T. Selling something is hard enough as it is, but by being a walking billboard for what you are selling, you make your life a thousand times easier. When potential clients see that you actually have used what you sell, and you had results that you show off… they trust that the product works. If you had great results with ANY of the products, literally scream about it. Don’t sell the products, because they sell themselves. SELL YOURSELF INSTEAD. That is your proof to people.

2. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SELLING – to know more about a specific product in order to help someone out or answer their question, this is where you can find everything. You can see all of the products we offer by going to your online store link that you created when you enrolled (ie: – If you aren’t sure about a price, look it up in the esuite under Documents or on your site! I PROMISE you will file it in your memory MUCH better by finding some answers yourself.


Post EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! This is what builds curiosity and will get them over their skepticism! Don’t worry what other people think—they don’t pay your bills! I literally post multiple times a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I’ve done that from day one.


Make completing the Steps to Success your goal each and EVERY month. Print out the S2S sheet in the files section asap. FILL THAT OUT each and every month! That’s the goal—it is what makes us grow! If I told you that if you filled your steps to success out every month for a year that it would GUARANTEE you AT LEAST $10,000 a MONTH, you bet your life you would do it!


On your facebook page, BE REAL. Don’t be a salesman. Always keep it personal. You had a life before It Works, so don’t assume that since you are now a distributor, that those types of posts are the only ones that you need to make. Quite opposite, actually. When you make it personal, you CONNECT with your potentials and audience. They know you are real, and they know you actually have a life, just like them. This makes them inclined to follow you more and pay attention to what you say. Trust me – no one cares that you are an It Works Distributor. They only care about YOU.


Plug in to the weekly conference calls on Sunday and Monday, and weekly ZOOM trainings on Tuesdays! Attend any OTOM in your area! Come to any and ALL trainings that you can! DO NOT expect others to drop everything to train you if you’re not putting forth the effort. Work this like a business, and it will PAY like a business!


You are never too good to better yourself. Practicing personal development is an absolute must in this business. Start using youtube to watch these amazing teachers, and make it a habit to watch a video a day! Your business can never grow if you stay the same!

Jim Rohn Tony Robbins Eric Worre Lisa Nichols Chalene Johnson



I give you these tools, tips and HELP, really, because I want you to succeed and get a jump start on running your business. I am here to answer questions, help when necessary, etc… any time you need. But please know that I cannot hold your hand and run this business FOR you. It is your business, as you are now an independent distributor. I go above and beyond ANY other distributor in this company to give you what I have. When I signed up, I had NOTHING. No one helped me, no one did anything. I had to figure it out on my own because I was in this on my own. I try and make this easier for you, my team. But in the end, it is up to you. If I can do it with nothing, you absolutely can do it with everything I’ve given you. There are going to be times when you want to cry yourself to sleep and burn the wraps in the process lol. Don’t do it. I make more money in a month than I ever dreamed of, but I didn’t get here overnight. Just like the wraps, slow progress is still progress, but DON’T GIVE UP. You have one thing over on EVERY OTHER DT in this business by being in MY down line. You have ME. I’m a top 5 worldwide enroller in this company. I’m here to help, and I go out of my way for those that I see putting in the work themselves. Dan and I are both always here to calm you down if you’re stressed out, or to answer questions that you are going crazy not knowing. Remember, your success is my success. I want you to succeed, not just for my benefit, but because I KNOW how this company has completely changed my life AND MY FUTURE – and I want nothing more than for you to be able to say the same thing. I love this team, and it’s getting bigger every single day for a reason. Keep it up, remember WHY YOU JOINED, and follow everything I say as much as possible.