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I would love to show you MY PERSONAL results! They are the entire reason I even became a distributor in the first place! Contact me through this site and we can go from there 🙂

When I put my photos side by side, my jaw was on the floor. I just couldn’t believe it. I was looking right at it and still couldn’t believe it. I ACTUALLY said to Dan, “please tell me I’m not making things up right now… just look at these pics. Tell me I’m not magically seeing something that isn’t there, because I feel like I’m nuts.

He saw it. I saw it, and we couldn’t stop freaking out, LOL.

After that, I used 4 more wraps over the next few weeks, and my results kept getting progressively better with each one. I need to make it clear that I did not exercise AT ALL during this time. I did try eating somewhat healthier, but it was absolutely nothing drastic. My idea of “healthier” at that time, was not going to McDonalds or Starbucks, eating a few more salads and drinking more water. I didn’t have the slightest clue about what healthy REALLY was until after all of this (which I’ll explain in a few).

I was a dancer from the time I was 3. I was hardcore into it, every single day, HOURS upon HOURS, and even got a partial scholarship to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia MAJORING in Dance. It was my life, and as you can imagine, I was in tip top shape, ALWAYS. I never had a weight issue until I stopped dancing and started EATING. Not only just eating, but eating whatever I wanted — forgetting that I wasn’t physically active anymore. I LOVED desserts… and late night pizza… and Wawa subs… frappuchinos, and everything else you could think of. I gained weight big time, and fast. I looked pregnant, but I never had a baby, it was simply just weight gain over the years from being absolutely careless with what I was choosing to eat.

The wraps changed EVERYTHING for me. They didn’t just change my body, but my life in general. The wraps gave me amazing FAST results that then MOTIVATED ME to make a change for the better! It had to come from me. But I will tell you this… I would NOT have lost any of that weight, and I would NOT look like how I do now, if I didnt use the wraps. I can tell you this as FACT. Because no matter what I tried doing, I never had the full motivation to KEEP doing it. They were the only things ever that helped me WANT to change my lifestyle, BECAUSE THEY GAVE ME VISIBLE RESULTS, and not months and months from when I started. It was in DAYS. That should say something about how amazing this product is.

Over 5 years later, here is what I STILL look like today, below:

my it works body wrap results

my it works body wrap results

my it works body wrap results

Now, I mentioned before about being “healthier”. Let me explain. I lost around 15lbs in the two months I used the wraps, and again, there was no change in my diet and I did NOT exercise whatsoever. After I saw my results, I was so motivated to lose even more and change my bad habits for good. It was like something switched off in my mind and all of a sudden I didn’t even want to drive PAST a McDonalds, let alone hit up their drive-thru. The mere thought of fast food made my stomach turn. I would catch myself walking past someone drinking a frappuchino, and the sugar content would start flying through my head while I judgingly stared at the mountain of whipped cream, lol. I was becoming a completely different person…. more health-conscious and more aware of the things we eat every day. I started watching Netflix documentaries on food, and the more I watched, the more I was amazed. Every piece of info intrigued me and I wanted to know more and more. I was obsessed with learning about what is actually in the foods that we eat and “think” are “healthy”. I was shocked when I realized that what I was led to believe was a healthy diet and lifestyle for the last 34 years, was not at all the case. The wraps ended up being the kickstart I needed to punch myself in the face and get moving again; to get eating RIGHT again. People can think or say anything they want about these wraps, but photos do not lie I look like a different person.

my it works body wrap results

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