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❗️VERY FIRST GOAL = 4 loyal customers!❗️

I challenge you to gather your 4 loyal customers in your first 72 hours! YOU absolutely can make this happen! I believe in YOU! Once you do this, you will already have TWO wrap rewards AND you’ll be fast start qualified forever!!! (My FAVORITE bonus!)

Fast Start Qualified

the greatest bonus and easiest money you will make!

When you are a brand new Distributor, you want to FSQ (Fast Start Qualify) asap. In order to FSQ, you need to have your 80bv autoship set up, and you need to enroll 2 loyal customers. Once you do this, you are Fast Start Qualified, and NOW, you are eligible for weekly multiple $100 cash bonuses!
Here is what happens: from that moment on, when you enroll a new distributor to your team, and they do exactly what you just did (80bv autoship, signed 2 loyal customers, got FSQ) …

YOU GET $100.

So if you are looking to make at least $500 and the compensation plan confuses you – JUST FAST START.

Sign up 5 distributors to join your team, and help each of them get FSQ.

5 x $100 = $500

GUARANTEED – not even including commission!
When I originally got started in this, Dan and I paid the rent on our Florida townhome for MONTHS just on Fast Start Bonuses! Now you see why it’s my favorite way of making money in this company!