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(aka: people you actually have a relationship with)

Use one of  these 2 messages to send out to your top 30 people individually. These top 30 are people you would call immediately to tell exciting news to. They are also what we call your HOT market. Don’t forget to swap out the blank spaces as necessary. And don’t forget to use the proper replies in the Message Reply BIBLE for when they respond to you!

You will naturally want to respond to people however you see fit, but DO NOT DO THAT UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR AT LEAST A MONTH OR LONGER. Every message or convo starter you see on this training website was written exactly how it should be said. Please do NOT change or modify what you are copying. It is written how you see it because that is what works.

>>> SAMPLE 1 <<<

Hey _____, I need a favor! I just learned about everything in our product line for this new business I’m in, and I came across one called ___________ and you instantly popped in my head. I think you will absolutely love this! I’m trying to build my portfolio of testimonials and before and afters, and I can get you my discount if you do our 90 day challenge with the _________. Instead of it being $___ each month, it would be $___. Would you be interested?

>>> SAMPLE 2 <<<

I am SO excited! I just started this new business and I was wondering if you’d do me a favor. Pretty much, I need pictures for my portfolio. You can try any product that I have for 3 months and you can even change up the products each month if you want – but just take before and afters and give me a quick testimonial. You won’t have to pay full price either because I’ll give you my discount. I only have a few spots left though, would you be interested?