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Steps To Success

this is the BLUEPRINT for your success in this business. do not over-complicate it. want to be successful and fast? then complete your Steps To Success every single month, and train your team to do the same.

How To Use The Wraps For BEST Results

when you get a customer and they have wraps in their order, they MUST be given these instructions to follow. Do not rely on the directions on the package itself – they are bare minimum. Have your customers (as well as yourself) follow these steps to a T for proper results every time.

Memory Jogger

“I talked to all the people I know already.”
nah ah. you definitely didn’t. use this memory jogger to remember how many people you HAVEN’T spoken to yet about these products!

100’s List

after you use the Memory Jogger, start writing down names in the 100’s list.

Daily Points Sheet

I guarantee that everything you do all day with this business is only 20% of what you should really be doing. Make sure to follow the daily points sheet every day so you have ZERO EXCUSES as to why you haven’t done something. This WILL help keep you on track.

Compensation Plan

No, you do not need to know the entire compensation plan, and more than likely you never will. What you DO need to know is the first 2-3 pages, as they are the most important for your first 30 days with It Works. Also, have a look at the Glossary to understand the terms you will constantly hear us using.