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The company compensates their distributors in four different ways: retail commissions, downline commissions, sponsorship bonuses, and personal bonuses.

Commissions on Personal Retail Sales

As a distributor, your personal sales commission rates will depend on your monthly personal volume as well as your leadership level. Distributors can earn personal sales commissions ranging from 25% to 50%. For example, on one box of wraps at retail value (ie: $99), you will make $40 for that sale. This can add up to be quite a lot depending on how many sales you are making in the month!

Commissions from Downline Representatives

Since It Works Global employs a multi-level marketing compensation plan, you can earn from your downline representatives’ commissionable sales. This means that the more distributors you sponsor into your team, the higher your residual income. You can earn 2% to 15% on your first level downlines.

Sponsorship and Generational Bonuses

Under the fast start program, you can earn as much as $100 for every new distributor you personally sponsor. In addition, you can also earn up to 9% generational bonus each time one of your team members get promoted to a higher leadership rank.

Personal Bonuses

You can earn $600 in personal bonuses for gathering up to 60 loyal customers or generating at least $3000 in personal sales volume. You can also earn other incentives such as discounts and incentive trips, depending on your performance.

Quick easy money

Get $120 in free product if you sign up 4 loyal customers in your first 30 days.
Every 2 loyal customers you sign up, you get a box of wraps for only $25. You can then sell those individual wraps at $30 EACH via wrap parties, or through friends and family wanting to try one out, and you make back even more.