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☝️this business is made up of many ranks, but what it all comes down to is RUBIES and EXECUTIVES. we get so focused on higher charts, 💎Diamond, 💎💎Double Diamond, etc… so we unknowingly train our brains to try and fill a Diamond chart. but when we see it, all we SEE is that Diamond chart and not what it’s☝️MADE OF.

💥THE FASTEST WAY FOR YOU TO RANK UP RIGHT THIS SECOND, is by helping every single DT that you enroll go Executive. you train them along with giving them the help they need, and you get them to Executive☝️ASAP. you will always hear everyone say, get them to RUBY. it’s made up of Rubies… and it absolutely is.☝️but what if Ruby is too much for someone? what if those 5 boxes are too much for someone to wrap their head around in the beginning?

we need to make it EVEN EASIER.
Executives MAKE Rubies.

so go down one level and start building EXECUTIVES. in the grand scheme of things, it’s 2 DTs right? it’s NOT HARD. think about how fast you would be promoting if you teach every single DT you enroll to GO EXECUTIVE!!!

💎look at a Diamond chart. there are 24 DTs under you in a Diamond chart. now if you train EACH DT to become EXECUTIVE – you are a SOLID Diamond because of the added volume and not only that, but you are safe. you aren’t filling a sheet with no one stacked if one falls off. if every DT you enroll becomes an Executive — YOU ARE GOLDEN!! and once someone goes Executive, what do they want to do next? RUBY. so you not only get them to executive, but you train them to get THEIR 2 people to executive, and people continue moving up. if everyone under you is Executive – they are BUILDING RUBIES FOR YOU, which means YOU will be ranking up anyway! but this way is A LOT EASIER. we need to stop being so focused on getting people to diamond. DIAMOND HAPPENS when the others happen. we need to make it SMALLER.

go down to Executive. every new DT you enroll, keep it SIMPLE. train them to become EXECUTIVE.

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Executive Chart

Ruby Chart

Emerald Chart

Diamond Chart