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As an It Works LOYAL CUSTOMER, you can save 20-50% off every order!

By signing up as a loyal customer you are agreeing to make a purchase for 3 months through an auto-ship program. You can change your order at ANYTIME and you’re not required to order the same product each month. So if you wanted just the defining gel the next month and not anymore wraps, you could do that. Or if you wanted something like the fat fighter supplements and a box of wraps, you could do that. You could basically do anything. If you do not edit your order, then the same product(s) you ordered from the previous month will be shipped to you on your anniversary date each month. (The date you signed up is your anniversary date.)

As a loyal customer you will be issued a client ID number and password where you can log in to the website and track or edit your order.

After the 3 month obligation is complete, all you have to do is cancel the autoship by calling the company. After you cancel, the best part is that you will STILL always be able to order at the discount price without any future monthly commitments. If a year passes and you want to order a box of wraps at discount price, then you still can by logging in to the website. They just basically make sure you have at least one product in your autoship for the three months and then you can cancel. It’s the best deal all around, because I haven’t seen anyone that gets a box of wraps and then DOESN’T want more wraps or other products. So its cheaper that way.

What you get as a Loyal Customer

Exclusive Prices

Save 20-50% off all your orders!

All Loyal Customers receive free shipping on orders over $125.

Automated Monthly Shipments

Never run out of your favorite products with our flexible auto-ship service.

Easy Customization

Each month you have the flexibility to change your auto-ship to meet your needs. Mix and match to create a package with all the products you want this month.

Loyal Customer Pricing for Life!

After 3 consecutive months on the auto-ship service, you will be able to order It Works products at the Loyal Customer price forever!

Stay on Auto-ship and Redeem Your Perks Points

Starting with your first order as a Loyal Customer, you earn 10% of the wholesale value of every order in Perks Points. Stay on auto-ship for six consecutive months, and you can access your Perks Points to discount your product order even more! For every point applied, your product order will be discounted by $1 (USD).

After 12 months on auto-ship, 100 free Perks Points will be added to your account!

*No minimum price or quantity restrictions per order. You simply must have at least one product in your monthly auto-ship order for three consecutive months. If you cancel your Loyal Customer membership prior to fulfilling the three-month auto-ship minimum, you will be charged a one-time $50 (USD) fee.

 If you want to become a Loyal Customer, just place your order in the store, and when proceeding to checkout, you will be asked if you want to pay the regular retail price, or the discount loyal price.

At that point you will do a quick sign up before you finish the order, and you are officially a Loyal Customer!