Mondays Don't Suck... Your JOB Does!

? People need to stop making status posts hating on Mondays. ?

Mondays don’t suck.☝️️Your JOB does.

I haven’t thought about a Monday in about 4 years. Being an it works distributor and selling these products has given me complete freedom to do☝️️anything I want,☝️️whenever I want. Every single day is ? vacation day for us. ?Most of you probably woke up early to hop in the ? shower, get yourself ? done, drive to work, sit in traffic ? DURING your drive to work, etc – and you got to your desk and already wanted to be back at home.

Me? I got up☝️️without having to hit a snooze button, made my breakfast, relaxed on the couch watching the news, answered whatever emails I had from overnight, and now I’m writing this to you while enjoying a nice cup of tea ☕️

☝️️maybe you got to your desk and you’re reading this post right now and thinking, wow this b*tch has nerve. unreal that she throws it in my face that she has this amazing life. MUST….BE….NICE.

? and you know what? you’re damn right it’s nice! I LOVE mondays! I LOVE this “job”! I LOVE being able to make money from my home WITH my husband by my side! I LOVE that I don’t have a boss! I LOVE that I wasn’t comfortable being UNCOMFORTABLE!

The point is, this is my life, not to mention my job… and I love every single second of it! Even MORE importantly, I live every day without ever having to look at a clock.

☝️️I KNOW what its like to have to watch a clock.
☝️️I KNOW what it’s like to wake up and have that 2 minute struggle with myself on whether I can call in sick – AGAIN – or potentially end up fired
☝️️I KNOW what it’s like to have to tell my friends and family, “I’m not sure I can get off that day”, and miss something MAJOR
☝️️I KNOW what its like to have to plan what I want to do around what my BOSS has planned for me instead.
☝️️I KNOW what its like to rush back to the office with half a sandwich?in my mouth because I only have 5 minutes left of my lunch break, and don’t want HR writing me up.

❗️THAT IS NOT A WAY TO LIVE. Thankfully, I no longer have to, and never will ever again.

Are you jealous yet? ?
You☝️️SHOULDN’T be.
Do you want to know why? ?

Because a fairy godmotherdidn’t come and wave her wand and give me this amazing opportunity and life. Me myself and I scraped pennies and whatever else I could find when I was flat out broke to get $99 together, and I signed up to become a distributor for It Works Global.☝️️I DIDN’T SIT BACK WAITING FOR MONEY.☝️️I DIDN’T STOP AFTER 3 WEEKS AND GIVE UP. INSTEAD, I WORKED. I worked HARD and STILL DO, which is why I have the lifestyle I have now. So when people tell me, ? “I’m so jealous you work for yourself and can do whatever you want”… ? I look at them and say the same thing every time…

“DON’T BE. because YOU can do this too if you really wanted to.”

so… do you want to?
☝️️do what you ? LOVE and you will never have a problem with Monday!

Ready yet? I’m waiting to sign you up to become an it works distributor! LETS GO!

About The Author

Jessica Pearson is a Triple Diamond with It Works! Global, promoting weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

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