put that cookie down

Do you know how I am able to stay away from cookies, and cake, and cupcakes, and ice cream, and chips about 99% of the week?
Brace yourself, because this one is a life-changer.



Yes, I know, this is quite a novel concept here. LOL, but jokes aside, it’s the truth. I get soooo many emails from people all the time that tell me, “I love cookies and cupcakes so much and I can’t possibly not eat them all the time! JESS I NEED YOUR HELP??”

Here is my help: STOP. BUYING. IT.

When I go food shopping, I make choices, and I am the only one that makes said choices. I don’t walk through the door and get greeted by a man with a gun forcing me down the junk aisles and telling me, “buy this or die.” I mean, come on lol. I don’t know what YOUR grocery store is like, haha, but I’m pretty sure your life is not on the line in aisle 3.

SO… that said… STOP BUYING IT.
When you don’t have it at your reach, you don’t have it to eat.
It’s literally that simple.

It’s not going to find it’s way into your house without YOUR help. So stop making it happen, and you won’t have these problems. You are the only one in control of what goes into your body, so put that cookie down. Just because it’s there to buy, does not mean that you HAVE to buy it. Now I’m not saying live the rest of your life completely sweets free. I don’t even do that. But I AM saying that it doesn’t need to be in your house. Stop making it so easy for yourself. Stop making it so easy for your body and your health to stay in unhappy mode.

… and when you get that, you’ll see how it WILL, in fact, change your life.

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Jessica Pearson is a Triple Diamond with It Works! Global, promoting weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

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