Many of you know I’ve been doing Insanity, and if you’re familiar with the schedule, then you know what the Fit Test is. The last Fit Test I had to do was quite a few weeks ago and I kicked it in the face lol. Today was the start of month 2, and the first day is the Fit Test as well as Max Interval Training. I’m posting this on here for a reason. I want you to know that we ALL go through the same crap…. even me. I get so many emails from people that tell me I inspire them, or they wish they could have the motivation that I have found, etc. But here is some hard truth that I personally had to swallow for today:

I had a really bad workout. I did my fit test. Normally my numbers go up every single time because I get better and better. Today was awful. Whatever the reason was, I have no idea, but half of my numbers were even lower than the last time I did my test, and I was SO EXHAUSTED. From the second I started, I just knew something was off with me. And being super competitive by nature, for me to be struggling as though it was my first DAY – it was a huge blow to my ego. I am extremely hard on myself when I don’t do as well as I should at things, and I take it way overboard. Not only did I get sick, but I was having trouble breathing, on top of the fact that I got so emotional and couldn’t hold back the tears. So I sat on our living room floor, crouched down crying and catching my breath while Dan was trying to shout out my counts with each move I made. I just couldn’t do it.

I don’t know what happened to me today, but Dan said to take the good with the bad and realize that today I just had a BAD DAY. But that wasn’t okay with me. Like I said, I am incredibly hard on myself with working out, and if I fail one workout, I’m already a failure with the rest of them. Dramatic, I know…. but I can’t help that. I felt absolutely useless today. I still do right this second. I’m 150% honest at all times on this page, and this was important for me to write.

So I wanted to post this because it means a lot to me that you know I am JUST as real as YOU… and anyone else. I have my own bad days where I feel like screaming. I have my own issues where I smell McDonalds fries and I’m practically drooling, even though I would never touch them again. I have my “Jess you SUCK” moments, like today, where I know that’s not true but the situation screams otherwise. I am just like you.

I have another workout to do today, and I’m going to beat the crap out of it and hopefully have a better session than I just did. But here is the difference in being dedicated and feeling sorry for myself. I’m still gonna do that second workout. And I’m going to do tomorrow’s, and the next day, and the day after that, just like I’m supposed to do. If this was a couple of years ago, I would have let today ruin me and tomorrow I would have been on the couch with a bag of doritos complaining about how “nothing works”. That’s ridiculous. EVERYTHING WORKS – it’s a matter of you actually DOING IT… following through with it… and being consistent.

So here is how I’m going to look at this. I was thrown a REALLY bad day today for a reason. It was supposed to happen. If working out was easy, EVERYONE would do it. EVERYONE would be fit and healthy. It’s not easy. It’s not always fun. It’s not something most people get excited to do. But this happened in order to push my buttons. It happened so I could be tested and be REMINDED of how many times I have given up in the past, and to see how far I have come. I was given a bad day so the universe can secretly smirk when I get up and keep going later, and whisper, “I knew you could do it.”

….and so I’m going to. Because the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

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