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I took this pic of Dan yesterday. He made the coffee, I made the pancakes, and we sat outside with the dog on a gorgeous morning here in Montreal. You know what we heard? The faint sound of french music playing over our RV, and the chirping of birds nearby while the sun peeked between the trees as they danced back and forth with the wind. I have a life that allows me the time and freedom to take in EVERYTHING, and really enjoy the little things, all because of this company. It was one of my favorite mornings…. just because.

If you’ve been watching this page for years and still don’t know if you want to join this company – it’s GO TIME. Dan and I run our business TOGETHER. We live in this brand new RV FULL-TIME, working from home, and traveling the entire country…. ALL THANKS TO THIS COMPANY! 95% of people do things like this after they’ve retired and they FINALLY get to travel. We’ve been very blessed with this business and we are so incredibly grateful that we have the capability of doing this NOW at our age. 3 years ago we were both broke. I was getting by with unemployment and scraping through Craigslist ads for small graphic design jobs just to pay my rent. I was even scraping my couches for extra change a few times (don’t judge me lol). I found out about the wraps, and Dan told me, “DO NOT get these wraps. DO NOT waste your money. It’s stupid. It’s a scam, they won’t work, don’t get your hopes up Jess.”

100% verbatim.

Obviously, I didn’t listen to him lol. I went ahead and used them with FANTASTIC results as you’ve already seen from my before and after photos, and all of a sudden Dan tells me, “YOU NEED TO SELL THESE THINGS. How do you sell them? Do you know who to contact? I’ll do it with you – this is huge.” In LESS than a year we were making 6 figures. Please understand this… I don’t say this to “brag” about my life. That’s not me, and I don’t for one second forget where I was 3 years ago. I SAY ALL OF THIS because I want you to know that ANYONE CAN DO THIS. YOU can do this. These products legitimately work exactly as we say they do. This company is amazing. It’s REAL.

“I don’t have the money to do it.”
That is WHY you need to do it.

I would rather be rich because I was curious, than broke because I was skeptical. If you’re hungry for it, you make it happen. WE made it happen, SO CAN YOU. If you truly want to change your life, we can help you because we work together to make it all happen. I’ve had people of all ages and backgrounds become successful as distributors. I even had a 19yr old stay at home mom with a 1yr old son, who was making nearly 6k a month. She started out wanting to just make extra cash on the side, and it turned into her full-time business. So having kids should not be an excuse to not do this. THEY SHOULD BE YOUR REASON WHY YOU SHOULD!

We speak to thousands of random strangers and we are told, “thank you”, for showing them a product that changed not only their bodies, but their lives. I KNOW that feeling because the wraps changed my OWN life. When I get emails and phone calls from people jumping for joy over these products, or hearing to them tell me that they feel beautiful again… THAT to me is worth all of it!! I genuinely, whole-heartedly, am OBSESSED and IN LOVE with my job. If you can’t say that right this second about yours, YOU HAVE THE WRONG ONE.

If you want to quit the job you can’t stand, spend more time with your family, vacation WHENEVER you want to, NEVER spend a single day worrying about how much is in your bank account, and even retire your hubby (YES, you can)… then become an it works distributor.

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Jessica Pearson is a Triple Diamond with It Works! Global, promoting weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

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