If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve probably already re-glanced at the page to make sure you are on the right one. Yes, I have used that crazy wrap thing and yes, I sell it. Now I’m telling you not to buy it from anyone OTHER THAN an authorized distributor.

Look, the It Works Body Wraps are no joke, no scam, and they give real results. Every day that I wake up and look in the mirror, I am reminded of this. It’s been over a year and my results have lasted the entire time. If you haven’t already seen my full story, pictures and timeline, check out my personal It Works Body Wrap results here. The It Works Body Wrap is going to beautify your body, and if you follow the instructions, it could do so overnight. So why would you purchase anything but the real deal? When you purchase it from anywhere other than an authorized distributor you are doing just that!

But They Said They Were an Authorized Distributor!

And I’m the Queen of England! It’s funny how the Internet makes it easy to make things up. Here’s the real truth. It Works! Global only ships its product directly from their official distribution centers. If someone is offering to meet you at their house to drop off said product, and they cannot give you their “myitworks store link” to show they are indeed an actual distributor… run away … fast.

If they do not have a valid “myitworks store link” that shows their name and phone number, they are about to waste your money. It is not worth the money they may claim you’ll save by buying some cheap knockoff.

Here’s a true story example:

A woman called me a few months ago mentioning that she had purchased a bottle of It Works Defining Gel from Amazon. She initially thought she got a deal, as she only spent $40 on what would normally be $75 retail from It Works Global for the regular size 6oz bottle. Do you know what she was actually sent instead? The sample tube of Defining Gel that is only .5oz and a whopping $10 in value.

This happens FREQUENTLY, and that is the same thing that could happen to you if you purchase it from anyone other than an authorized distributor.

What Gives? It’s Just a Beauty Product!

The It Works! Body Wrap is not just a beauty product. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it a beauty product.  Beauty products hide the appearance or smell of something. That crazy wrap thing doesn’t hide anything anywhere. It gets rid of it.

But that’s another story.

The reason why you must only buy the body wrap from an authorized distributor is because we can ensure quality. The products we sell are fresh. They haven’t been sitting around on someone’s shelf waiting for someone to order it off of an auction site.

And no, authorized distributors are NOT selling their own quality supplies on sites like Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, etc… because that would un-authorize them (if you catch my drift). Not to mention, It Works Global strictly prohibits any of their distributors to be selling on there in the first place. You want to buy from someone who KNOWS every last detail about the product they are selling you (lol, ie: me). I say this because there are very important instructions that need to be followed when using these wraps, and if you aren’t given them beforehand, you run the risk of getting no results. Actually, there is no risk… you simply will not get them. If you make sure to follow my Mandatory How To & Tips page to a TEE, however, then you should be doing the happy dance… naked… soon enough lol.

We only ship direct from our official distribution centers!

Buying from an authorized distributor also ensures you get the CORRECT product. You would be surprised how many people thought they bought a box of It Works Body Wraps, only to find out after the fact they did not. Some have even just ended up buying the actual box. Seriously. Just… the box. No wraps inside. But they don’t know that until it arrives, looking all pretty and what not, getting their hopes up, and then guess what? Congratulations, you my friend, just bought a box.

Look, if you are truly serious about getting skinny quickly and safely, then you shouldn’t mess around with the knock off stale imitators floating around pretending to be the real deal.  They won’t give you the results you deserve, much less the customer service you deserve. Dan and I don’t just sell these things, but we make sure to help every single customer, even if it means one on one phone calls. We want you to get the very best results, and we know HOW you can do so. If you buy from a site like Amazon, eBay, etc… and then contact US wanting help because the mysterious person you bought them from cannot give you any info or support…

“I’M SORRY. Dan and Jessica cannot take your call at this time”… if you feel me. Lol.

Don’t buy the It Works! Body Wrap if you are not going to buy it from an ACTUAL official distributor.
Plain and simple.

About The Author

Jessica Pearson is a Triple Diamond with It Works! Global, promoting weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

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