Why You Need Water (Part 1: Survive)

Before you go clicking past this post because you think it’s silly, let me remind you that most people do not drink enough water.  So, if you still feel like this post is unnecessary, go ahead and scroll down to the bottom and comment about the amount of water you drink and how awesome it makes you feel. If you aren’t drinking at least 8 cups of water per day, you are not drinking enough, and honestly you should be drinking even more than that. …

So why do we need water? Well, first of all, if you want that crazy wrap thing to work, you need to drink water. Lots of it! But there’s more to it than just the It Works! Body Wraps.

Its an Important Nutrient

Our bodies are made of water.  I’m sure you remember that from high school biology, right? 70% or something like that? Well, even though we are mostly water, we don’t make our own water. We aren’t like plants where we can just lay out in the sun and photosynthesis our nutrients… we actually have to ingest what we need to survive, and water is one of those needs.

If you’ve ever watched one of those survival shows you’ve more than likely noticed that the first thing they do is look for water.

It’s not just because they’re thirsty.

It’s because without it we die. The human body can only survive three days without water. Guess how long you can survive without junk food? Here’s a hint: it’s a lot longer than the three weeks you can go without healthy food.

Water keeps our organs hydrated.

Our bodies are 60% water, our brains are 70% water and our lungs are 90% water.  Every single day we use water to keep these important things functioning, and every single day we lose a little water.

How do we lose it, you ask.  Move your tongue around- there’s one example.

The natural moisture in our bodies comes out in our bodily fluids – all of our bodily fluids. And we have to replace it, otherwise those critical organs that need it, like the brain and lungs, shut down.

And just so this example sticks, let’s talk about raisins. Yes raisins. A grape is about 80% water, when it reaches 15% water, it is a raisin. Do you want organs that look like a healthy fresh grape, or do you want organs that look like dried out raisins?

If we don’t drink enough we’ll go into survival mode

Our bodies are not stupid.  They are actually prepared to take a certain amount of misuse with grace. It’s like a really good designer purse with the extra reinforced stitching.  Yes, it’s cute, and you intend to take care of it, but thank GOD there’s reinforced stitching!!

When we don’t drink enough water, our body will automatically attempt to save itself from further harm. How does it do this? It has a little trick called water retention.

We like to call it water weight.    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_weight)

Water weight is not fat. It is bloating from all of the excess water your body is stockpiling because you aren’t drinking enough of it.  So it naturally goes without saying that drinking more water can help reduce water weight in an otherwise healthy person. Combine it with that crazy wrap thing and imagine what it could do!

About The Author

Jessica Pearson is a Triple Diamond with It Works! Global, promoting weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

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