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If you have been checking out my results, you probably have been wondering what that crazy wrap thing really is. I mean, why dedicate this whole website and make it my own personal mission to help people be skinny by tomorrow? Well the simple answer is: because it works… HELLO. But, I can’t really expect that justification to work for everyone, so here’s a little bit more information.

The It Works body wrap is unlike any other body wrap because it has ingredients that actually work. Shocking, I know. The ingredients in the cream beautify your body by attacking the junk hanging on to those muffin top making cells. It’s kind of like having a really good friend consult you on your wardrobe. Regular body wraps are the friends who say: that shirt isn’t working for you, you should take it off. It Works not only gets rid of that unflattering crap, it shreds it, throws it in the trash and pours gasoline on it!

So how does that ‘junk’ make you fat?

Well, think of it this way: we all have fat. Some of us just have bigger fat. Those of us with bigger fat have it because of the excess junk inside of it. If you’ve traveled on an airplane, you’ve seen this principal in action. On most flights, you are allowed two carry-on bags.  Some people stuff their bags full of junk and then can’t fit it under their seat. Other people stuff their bags so much that they aren’t allowed to carry it on and end up having to check it. They basically get rid of the bag (ie: surgery). Then there are those perfect jet setters who have the tiny bags that always fit.

So how does that crazy wrap thing fit into this example? Well, most people ‘over stuff their bags’ and are fat. Then, they go on a diet which decreases their amount of fat (ie: getting rid of what’s in the bag), but they miss their old things. Rather than reverting back to old habits and trying to stuff the bag with unhealthy souvenirs, just fill the bag with your essentials and pack lightly. If everyone has to have two bags, why not have the small trendy ones that fit?

Well, won’t the junk just come back?

Because the It Works Body Wraps actually have a full blown intervention with that extra unflattering stuff, there is no risk of it coming back. This isn’t just a warning to that junk. It’s a proper sit-down a la the Italian mob. You wouldn’t go digging through a dumpster for that shirt your friend trashed that didn’t look good on you, now would you?  (I really hope not.) With our wraps, the bad stuff is gently moved out of the body with all of the other junk that shouldn’t be in there. Simply drink some water to help move it along and you will see a skinnier you after a few trips to the bathroom.

Now, this leads to a very important point. These wraps are not a get out of jail free card. You can’t use the wrap, get rid of the junk, and then go put more junk back in. I simply cannot say that enough. So I am going to say it again.

Do not use the It Works Body Wrap and expect it to correct your bad behavior.  You wouldn’t go to the gym and run the treadmill for an hour, and then get in your car and head to the drive-thru at McDonald’s, would you? No. If you read that sentence and said yes, then we have other issues to discuss. Regardless, it’s the exact same thing with these. If you change your diet and lifestyle, the results will be permanent like mine have been. I haven’t used a wrap in a year, and I’ve kept the results just by watching what I eat. A healthy lifestyle is so important, otherwise, you are just spending money to look good for a month or two. Once I saw how fast my results showed up on my own body, it was like a light bulb went off above my head and I immediately wanted to be healthier. Do you need motivation? The It Works body wraps are the answer. Getting results at lightning speed was the biggest motivator I’ve ever seen. Remember though, that if you eat like crap, you look like crap. Like with anything you do or use to lose weight, if you have a poor diet, you’re just moving back in to Miserable Town.

My suggestion is don’t push it. Learn from your mistakes, get on the plane with your new tiny bags and jet-set off to Happy Island.

About The Author

Jessica Pearson is a Triple Diamond with It Works! Global, promoting weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

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